Bill Shelton

Bill Shelton playing the Great Highland BagpipesHello.  As you can see by the picture, I play the Great Highland Bagpipes.  This is your opportunity to see how I can meet your piping needs.  I am available for weddings, parties, Irish or Scottish events, funerals, memorial services, and any other event that would be that much better with a piper.  Free downloads of me playing pipes are available.

My photo gallery might give you an idea of some of the activities I have been involved in.  I play in two pipe bands, as noted below, and for a fun diversion, I play clarinet in a traditional jazz band.  Thatís Dixieland or New Orleans style, if you arenít sure what traditional jazz is.  Itís fun, toe-tapping music.  So, if you find you have a need for a jazz band for your party or dance, I can help you with that too.

Iíve been involved in musical pursuits all my life.  I have a not so great collection of guitars and banjos and a much better group of ukuleles.  I sang in college madrigals and road shows, with the Austin Civic Choir in Austin, Texas and with a championship barbershop chorus.  So, music is in my soul, so to speak, and I think my varied musical experiences will help me understand your musical needs.

The shuttle pipe tunes that you can click on and hear, will give you an idea of a quieter version of piping for indoor parties and listening.  I can do that on a solo basis or arrange for a duet of small and shuttle pipes for your indoor occasion.  If you would really prefer a larger Highland bagpiping group, I can arrange for two pipers or even two pipers and drums.  A small band!

I live in the Columbia River Gorge and typically provide musical services within 1-2 hours of my home.  But, regardless of where your event is, letís discuss how I might meet your needs.  We can talk about where and when your event is, what you need in a piper and how I can provide a service for you.  I look forward to it.

Other musical ventures:


F. Scott Fedora - traditional New Orleans Jazz Band

Fort Vancouver Pipes and Drums

Kells Irish Pipes and Drums

You are most likely to hear the Great Highland Bagpipes in parades or other outdoor functions.  However, they are suitable for some indoor functions like weddings, funerals, etc.  Here are some recordings of me playing the Great Highland Bagpipes. 

1976 Edinburgh Tattoo/WhaíSaw the 42nd/Wings
Hector the Hero/Battle of Waterloo
The Minstrel Boy/Wearing of the Green

Old Rustic Bridge/Flett From Flotta/Mairiís Wedding
Flower of Scotland/Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree

Shuttle pipes and Scottish small pipes are essentially a smaller/quieter version of bagpipes, more appropriate for indoor settings.  Here are some recordings of me playing the shuttle pipes.

Hector the Hero
Lay Peacefully There
Sine Bhan

Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes
The Mill Mill O'
Wee Highland Laddie

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